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Dealing With Unruly Students

My first real post here is going to talk about my #1 top tip for dealing with unruly students. This would focus mainly on grades 4 to 8 as tactics from this age group are going to be much different than you would use for younger students. I’ve had more experience with these age groups, so I will stick with them.

First off, dealing with unruly students is one of the hardest things a teacher can do. I know a number of Ottawa teachers who simply couldn’t take it any more and left their careers because of the stress.

Two important things NOT to do:

  • Never raise your voice or use foul language
  • Don’t punish the entire class for one student’s misbehavior

My top tip on this matter:

Analyze the situation and simply talk honestly with the student or students about what is going on. Tell them person to person why what they are doing is wrong and how it effects you and the rest of the class. It sounds that simple because it is… Try to talk it out. And if the student or the group are unresponsive and you find talking to them doesn’t work, then don’t let them bring the entire mood of the class down. Simply excuse them to the Principal and go from there.

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